CLAVIN 1.0.0 Released

Berico Technologies is proud to announce the version 1.0 release of CLAVIN, its award-winning open source geoparsing software! The culmination of over 18 months of effort, version 1.0 features include:

  • Extensive code cleanup and additional documentation
  • Removed coordinate extraction classes; these capabilities will be re-added to a future release
  • Reverted from PlaceReference and ResolutionContext in favor of ResolvedLocation
  • Updated documentation info for website generated by Maven Site plugin
  • Moved everything to com.bericotech namespace for distribution via Maven Central
  • Algorithmic heuristic tests are no longer integration tests
  • Data model again mirrors gazetteer format
  • Returned to a direct dependency on Lucene document index for resolution
  • Returned to a Lucene indexing strategy where each alternateName, etc. for a location is stored as a separate entry; this is essential for the resolution algorithm to achieve high accuracy/recall
  • Removed customizable weighting strategies for resolution algorithm; tuning should only be attempted through the maxHitDepth, maxContextWindow, and fuzzy parameters
  • Return of IndexDirectoryBuilder replacing previous abstractions
  • Major improvements to packaging and distribution of releases, now via Maven Central
  • Better alignment with standard Java coding conventions

For convenience, binaries are also distributed via the Maven Central Repository.

Please sign-up for our two new mailing lists on Google Groups:

clavin-users is for discussions about how to use CLAVIN. If you’ve got a question about getting CLAVIN up & running, this is the place to ask it.

clavin-developers is for discussions about active software development efforts for CLAVIN. If you’ve got a question about how to implement a new feature for CLAVIN, this is the place to ask it.

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